Sunday, January 28, 2007

Input vs. output

I haven't been in much of a writing mood lately, although I've had several topics I'd like to discuss. Information just keeps coming. I think I'm starting to shake the inertia now, as I have several projects coming due this month and next.

I've been gathering content for a Live365 station. I had been leaning either towards an all-Celtic (with local emphasis on the DC area) or all-Canadian oriented show. I have settled on the latter, and I look forward to having it up in the next few months. Live365 seems to be the way to go, since for the fee you pay, they pay all the royalties for music played.

I'm investing in some technology to set up the operations, plus increasing my CD collection to deliver an interesting mix. It's going to be mostly folk, but spiced with jazz, blues, bluegrass, country, popular, spoken word, and classical selections to give a big picture of our neighbor to the North. Listening to CBC Two has also given me a lot of ideas. I hope I won't duplicate them too much, it's meant for as a Canadian music for residents of the United States. (Mustn't call ourselves Americans.)

If anyone has a favorite Canadian artist or song, please send your ideas. I'll be happy to incorporate them. What's your favorite province? I'll be getting another blog started for the show too, and I'll keep all Audio Artifacts readers up-to-date on how the stream progresses.


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