Sunday, January 28, 2007

On the new classical WETA

I am ecstatic that WETA, my former employer, is returning to a classical format. They will be 23/7* classical, taking up the mantle of WGMS, which has been on the air in Washington, DC for over 50 years. WGMS was commercially owned by Bonneville International, and they had really good ratings a couple of years ago (going up to #3 or 4 in the market), and even after they switched the station to a lower-powered signal, their ratings were still respectable for an all-classical station. But as of last Monday, they changed their format to a popular mix format, dubbed "George 104". For the full story, please check out
DCRTV or the Washington Post.

* = I say 23/7, because the one hour that is not classical is weekdays 7-8 pm for the Newshour with Jim Lehrer (produced across the street from WETA and taped in the WETA production center). Why this hour and not another show? Only SR knows.


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