Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Current media obsessing

Done with:
Due South (why only 3 seasons?!) and associated fan sites.
Call of the Wild and Mounty [sic] on the Bounty are the highlights of season 3.

Waiting for:
1) Slings and Arrows, Season 1
2) Men with Brooms (movie about curling, eh!)
3) Corner Gas (50 miles from nowhere)
4) Paul Gross's Two Horses (CD)

1) Anything with Paul Gross
2) North of 60 (never released)
3) Trailer Park Boys
4) Due South soundtrack, vol. 2
5) West Wing (seasons 6 and 7, no hurry though)
6) Six Feet Under (seasons 2 and 3, again no hurry since Bravo's carrying it now)
7) Other Canadian media, esp. if it features a presentation of a Musical Ride.


At Thu Jan 04, 09:07:00 AM, Blogger bill said...

Hey Thom. Happy New Year! As my brother pointed out over the holiday break, video game stores like Gamestop and EB Games often have DVD sets used in pretty good shape. In fact, that's how he gifted me Season 7 of West Wing. A consumer tip for you! ;) Hope you're doing great.


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