Sunday, March 05, 2006

They've got a touch of the Gaelic in them

As I was surfing today for music from Cape Breton, I came upon this archive of recordings of live music sessions held on the Island from a site called Cape Breton Live. Their most recent show is a square dance held in West Mabou, Nova Scotia with fiddler Troy MacGillivray, pianist Mac Morin, and guitarists Jason Murdock and Pius MacIssac. (hmmmm, not sure of the relationship with Ashley or Dave). You can listen in MP3 or WMA formats on either high speed or dial-up. You can even hear the stepdancers, buy CDs from the artists, and view photos of the dances. What a cool way to promote grass roots music.

Cape Breton Island...what a beautiful and haunting place:

On that note, you might want to pull the news feed from the Community Arts Network site. It promotes "information exchange, research, and critical dialogue within the field of community-based art."

All the great music on the Cape Breton site reminded me of this awesome station of the BBC's called, Radio nan Gaidheal which I mentioned on my Kitchen Party blog last year. You can hear more Scottish artists and Gaelic speakers there.


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