Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Form and genre terms for music

Genre Terms: Definition, Use, Application
Friday, February 24, 2006 (3:30-5:00 PM)

Participants: Becky Dean (OCLC); Harriette Hemmasi (Brown University); Robert L. Maxwell (Brighahm Young University); Geraldine Ostgrove (Library of Congress)

I'm just going to give the few notes I took for this session since they were out of handouts by the time I got there.

1) Questions of aboutness vs. isness (subject vs. carrier), and the special case in music of "for-ness" (where you have music for a group, the form of the inherent work is a type or medium of performance).
2) The 655 is already being used by other constituency groups, including literature, art, and cinema. It should be fully implemented for music.
3) Other controlled vocabularies being loaded by OCLC for use in cataloging: MESH, GSAFD, AAT, VLAND, TGM I and II.
4) Talked about the FAST project.
5) Creating cataloging procedures for subject analysis which are easier to learn and implement than LCSH.
6) LCSH is a standard used world-wide.
7) The need for library catalogs to accept user vocabularies and tagging to organize data (like Amazon, Flickr and other systems already allow). Language of and from the user.
8) Creating SH for every medium of performance for the national authority file instead of just for local systems.


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