Friday, February 24, 2006

More past, present, future of music librarianship

More on yesterday morning's opening session...

More memories of music librarianship's past:
1) Using the red book and green book for cataloging (this is pre-AACR2 cataloging)
2) Having various typewriters--Cyrillic, Hebrew/Yiddish, etc. And these were in use by public libraries!
3) Joseph Boonin's quote about spending a life "living with technology without using it."

Note to self: read Ned Quist's article "Tomorrow's music libraries."

The session was a good reminder that many issues in information seeking and retrieval have been contemplated and addressed (to some degree), long before libraries began using computers. The challenge is in the A/D conversion as libraries become more automated, and more geared towards service to constitutents (sometimes at the expense of collections).


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