Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Leaving on a jet plane

Soon...Tomorrow morning in fact.

I'm heading to Memphis for the Music Library Association's 75th annual conference.

This is a test post. There's so much I'm looking forward to attending: the Memphis Symphony Orchestra concert, the update on AACR3/RDA, the Preservation Committee's session on sound preservation by IU's Mike Casey, all of the Archives Roundtable's presentations, the open forum with members of MOLA (Major Orchestra Librarian Association), and other ones dealing with technology, preservation, and cataloging. But most of all, a dinner reservation at the Peabody Memphis's very own 4-star restaurant, Chez Philippe.

I'm wearing a couple of hats at the conference...double blogging for Audio Artifacts and Infoshare (MLA's Information Sharing Subcommittee blog), and giving a report back to the OLI (Orchestra Library Information) Yahoo Group I run on the MOLA session and the talk with Augusta Read Thomas, composer of Shakin' (an MLA commissioned work, which is being premiered on Friday). If you're at the conference, and want to give me your reactions to the conference, I'll be happy to submit them. Likewise, feel free to comment on my posts.

See you in the South!


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