Sunday, October 09, 2005

New URL for Audio Artifacts

Hello Audio Artifacts readers,

This blog has been live for almost ten months now. I wanted to thank
those of you who read it through the site, an aggregator (like SLIS
), or a blog reader.

It is a webspace where audio is celebrated, in all forms analog and
digital. It combines my interests in promoting and preserving sound
recordings, both music and spoken word, with meditations on the live
musical performance and the art of recorded sound. If it can be
perceived by the ear, it's fair game.

This is a note to tell you that I'm changing the URL for the blog to . It's been called "Audio
Artifacts," for a little over a month now, and I'm finally changing
the last remnant of my old blog "Interning with Sound Recordings" to
reflect the nature of this blog.

Enjoy the archives which are still intact.

Changes to look for in the coming months:
1) An associated Live365 radio channel
2) More reviews of recordings and shows and concerts around D.C.
3) More postings on the "musical process"

Have a great Columbus Day weekend!


Current listening: Boogaloo / dtownpaolo / Remote Access L.P.


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