Sunday, September 11, 2005

Friends, CBGB, and more copyright

1) I've added some links to the blogs of some of my IU friends, namely Pete, Sarah, and Bill; and also Jen, a Wooster friend who has a food blog called Rolling in the Dough.

2) The great New York City club CBGB recently got an eviction notice. There's a section on the history of the club. Originally a venue for country, bluegrass, and blues acts, punk became its featured genre.

The legendary punk landmark CBGB has been served with an eviction notice, which was delivered one week after their lease expired. Owner Hilly Kristal, who opened the club in December of 1973, has been ordered to vacate the building by the Bowery Residents’ Committee.

In a statement issued to MTV News, Kristal and the Save CBGB Coalition said: “There is no valid reason why CBGB should leave our present historic location. All we want is the same thing (New York Governor George Pataki, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg) and 43 City Council members want — that is to sit down with the BRC and negotiate in good faith a new lease that is fair to all parties."

Even after the Save CBGB Coalition offered to accept a significant rent increase, the BRC still plans on finding a new tenant for the space.
UPDATED: There's an online petition to convince the BRC to "urge support of a renewal of CBGBs lease," as well as special benefit shows, and an online Ebay auction to support the club. [See CBGB site for that link].

3) Still slogging through the CLIR/LC report on record label reissues. It surveyed CD reissues of recordings made between 1890 and 1964, analyzing reissues related to genres and time periods. Pretty shocking stuff, more details later.

Here's something from the report you might not have known:

"Federal copyright law states that pre-1972 recordings will be protected by state and common law copyright until the year 2067." 50 states, all different laws, good luck figuring them out!


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