Thursday, September 15, 2005

Poetry on an blog about audio?

Yes, I used to write poetry. I started in high school, and completed two volumes by the time I was a senior at Wooster. I'm not saying it's great. But I've come across it while cleaning up my computer files, so I thought I might add one of these from time to time to show that I'm not all about MARC fields and ISO standards. Someday I'll get around to writing more, perhaps in all my free time. (yuck, yuck, yuck)

Here's a poem that I submitted to a couple of years ago. [You can still find it there by searching for my name]. It's one of my favorites, because of the sounds your mouth has to make in order to speak it properly (at a pretty good clip for effect). Enjoy...

Thoughts of Bowers Harbor, Michigan (1997)

Mandible audibly is the right noise
It rhymes exquisitely with all boys and toys
Froth-flowing cups of peppermint tea
Does wonders for many; its taste sweetly.
A wall walking round
Will not touch the rough
Of cables and coils
And left-handed slugs
Its bitters and batters
Blow mightily on course
To and fro, starboard and bow
To port and stern, we go.
A Bear bearing all
A wool-wearing Lamb
A face with no Nose
And a scale-covered Snake.
These are my Friends
The twittlings and twattlings
Of a Man to whom time gives no thought
And Rhyme has no end.
NOTE: If anyone has an audio blog, and wants to record this I'd really like to hear it. Send me a link, and make sure you attribute me, and then we're all good.


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