Saturday, September 17, 2005

Poem for the weekend

Here's a poem I wrote when I was a graduate student at American University. I was experimenting with verse-chorus form. It's also my tribute to the letter F. Try to hear it as a tribal chant.


Fundamental is far from fair
Frequently fundamental frays at the fringe
Freudian forgers follow frothy flowers

Full-mouthed fullbacks running out of sight
Fundamental fungi freaky with delight
Frown on the noise of the distant night

Fantastic voyages forge county fairs
Frappucinos and fagoli are often fundamental
To forage them frequently is infractible

Full-mouthed fullbacks running out of night
Fundamental fungi freaking from insight
Frown on the noise with no delight

Can feeding feeble frogs be fundamental?
Felonious fellows entertain false fancies
of feeding falcons when frogs are fasting

Full-mouthed fullbacks running in delight
Fundamental fungi cannot see the light and
Frown on the fur of the gopher trite

Families finger and flitter
At film festivals their attention is flighty
Fondly folk are forewarned

Full-mouthed fullbacks leaping in a rite
Fundamental fungi ready to indict
Frown from the glare of the halogen light

Funeral directors fracture furniture
Frosty beverages freeze and flake
Fundamental is far from fair

Full-blooded fullbacks running with a kite
Stand and stare at the stars so bright
And frolic in the music of the distant night

Current listening: "Traditions with Mary Cliff," WETA-FM 90.9, Washington DC, 8-1 Saturday evenings.


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