Monday, September 05, 2005

Back in DC and Procedure

OK, it's been a long time while I've posted. I'm settling into being back in the big city. In the last three weeks, I've traveled from Washington to Bloomington to Erie to Bloomington to Erie to Philadelphia to Erie and then back to DC. I have some news about a couple of Louisiana audio archives from other listservs, but there's nothing that probably hasn't already been seen by the people who need to see it. Anyways, be on the lookout for that in the next day or two.

Tomorrow I'm going to an evening of post-punk, experimental, new-wave, obscurities called PROCEDURE. (How's that for
my broadening my musical tastes?) ;-) More on that soon.

"something for everyone... and nothing for some"
TECHNICIANS: Richard Chartier / Mark Williams / Kyle Storm

same old info: a quite laid back evening of lost and forgotten music, low brow tunes, electronic ambiance, dark covers, b-sides, bloopy unusual-ness, general pretty noise, blatant obviousness, avant garde obscurities, bubblegum oddities, punky this and that, unintentional hits and very intentional misses...and other seemingly unrelated genre crossing nonchalantly sequenced.

View the procedure with the avant-somethings and the often unexpecting patients who too have come for their PROCEDURE...


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