Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Newest Cataloging Technology

So, I'm learning how to use a cataloging application (OCLC Passport) that's going to be obsolete in May. Grrrreeat!

"Note: OCLC will discontinue Passport for Cataloging and Interlibrary Loan as of May 1, 2005. Users of Passport for Cataloging and Interlibrary Loan must migrate by this date. OCLC will discontinue Passport for Union Listing in June 2005.

OCLC Connexion replaces Passport for Cataloging. Information to help Passport users migrate to Connexion is available on the Connexion migration page."
We've used Connexion in both of my cataloging classes. I've used Passport a little bit when I was over at the Archives of Traditional Music, for searching a few things. But mostly we used CatME for adding records. We still validated and used Passport for authority work.

Today: Making up hours for Monday, when it was Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday and the library was closed. Read through the LC Subject Headings Manual on items relevant to music: H250, H1160, H1916.3, H1916.5, H1917 (Popular Music), H1917.5 (Folk and Traditional Musics), and H2075.

I think I'm getting the uniform title thing. Plural forms, with the appopriate qualifying elements, depending on what it is. Powerful system for collocation. I've always tried to do a modified version of what for whatever radio database I've worked in.

More to tell about the awesome hands-on experience yesterday...learning how to clean an open reel tape machine, learned about the signal chain, and got to create a recording with lots of distortion!!!

Here's an example of a reel-to-reel machine:

Actually, this is the only one I found so far. There's not quite as many bells and whistles--but it's still really good. Generates test tones and everything. ;-)


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