Monday, January 10, 2005

Internship Requirements

My requirements for each internship are as follows, per the SLIS Internship Page:

Start of Internship Semester:

Intern signs on to L596 e-mail distribution list -- DONE!

Intern begins keeping journal of internship experience -- Set up this blog today.

Intern submits updated goals and objectives, work schedule, date for oral report (during first 10 hours of work) -- Will do this week.

Intern begins reading and abstracting professional literature related to internship (one document for each 20 hours worked) -- 180 hours for this internship, so that comes out to around 9 articles. Not bad with 16 or so weeks in the semester.

I start my internship with Sue Stancu, the Sound Recordings Cataloging Librarian today. Although I've done some cataloging at the Archives of Traditional Music, I'm looking forward to learning how to catalog classical music recordings.

Tomorrow I start with Mike Casey, the Recording Services Coordinator (i.e. engineer) for the Archives, and a great flutist/dulcimer player to boot!


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