Monday, January 10, 2005

Submitted plan- Day One for Cataloging

Just sent my internship goals/tasks to Dr. Shaw per the requirements. Score. Good day. Reviewing AACR2 and the LCRI today. Went over internship requirements earlier. At least this basement I'm in has windows! Here's a picture of my workspace:

This internship will prepare me to do original cataloging of sound recordings in various formats (for contribution to OCLC), and to create name and title authority records for music (for contribution to the LC Name-Authority File).

It will familarize me with the important tools used by catalogers, such as the MARC21 Bibliographic & Authority Formats, the Z1 Descriptive Cataloging Manual, Library of Congress Rule Interpretations, Music Cataloging Devision, Library of Congress Subject Headings, and Dominique-Rene de Lerma's classification system for sound recordings (which is at use in the IU Music Library) as well as computer applications, such as SIRSI Workflows and OCLC Passport.

Original cataloging and processing of commercial compact discs.
Copy cataloging/processing of commercial compact discs.
Cataloging of some LPs.
Cataloging of IU School of Music recital tapes.


At Thu Jan 13, 05:45:00 PM, Blogger laura gayle said...

Ah yes, you get to look out at windows while you work on your practicum. It wasn't always that way. I hope the LC books are still shelved upside down... do you know why?

At Thu Jan 13, 11:53:00 PM, Blogger Thom said...

Don't know. I'll take a look when I'm in on Monday. Btw, this is an old picture. There's a black Dell there now. And those tables are currently lined with the AACR2, LCRI, and the MCD. Thanks for posting!


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