Friday, April 15, 2005

Handbook of Examples For Use in Authority Records

Here's an authority-related cataloging annotation:

Koth, Michelle. A Handbook of Examples for Use in Authority Records. NACO Music Project, 1998. Available at: (accessed 15 April 2005).

Michelle Koth’s online handbook, A Handbook of Examples for Use in Authority Records, is a guidebook to be used when creating and entering authority records for a personal or corporate name authority record (composer or performer or corporate body) or a name/uniform title authority record. It began in 1992 as a project of the Music OCLC Users Group’s NACO Music Project to create a coordinated means by which to contribute name and name-title authority records to Library of Congress’s Authority File. This document give copious examples of ways to cite resources in an authority record’s Source Data Found field (670).

Koth’s manual expands on the NACO Participant’s Manual in illustrating common practice for the music cataloging community. Some of the elements such as the general material designation in a 670 field, for example, have been deprecated by the Library of Congress. Music catalogers continue to use these designations in citations, because it is a clear way to establish that the main entry being cited is a sound recording. She includes ways to cite from commonly used reference sources, such as the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians. There are also examples for citing online resources, whether from a webpage, a database, or from another library catalog. At the end of the document is an addendum by NMP Funnel coordinator, A. Ralph Papakhian (also the Head of Technical Services for the IU Music Library), on guidance on “Procedures for removing a person from an undifferentiated name heading.”


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