Sunday, March 27, 2005

Heading to the Music Capital (Austin) for ARSC Conference

Not much to report. I've been retrieving articles this weekend for my Film and Video Preservation readings course this summer. Tomorrow I get trained on OCLC Connexion, probably the client version, rather than the browser we used in Cataloging class. Woo-hoo! I did notice that the library consortial catalog in WV uses Innovative Interfaces, or triple-I as some folks call it. That's good news--I've heard nothing but good things about that ILS. Ugh--so much to do before I head to the ARSC conference (Association of Recorded Sound Collections) in Austin on Tuesday. All the preservation stuff will be cool, but some of the discography talks should be really interesting. Here's a list:

Blues Images: Advertising Paramount Records in the 1920s
JOHN TEFTELLER, World’s Rarest Records, Grants Pass Oregon

Vernon Dalhart: From Opera to Country Recordings
JACK PALMER, Battle Creek, Michigan

Far from the Field: Sacred Harp 78s, 1922-1940
WARREN STEEL, University of Mississippi, University, Mississippi

Independent Texas Record Labels and Their Role in Recording Vernacular Mexican American Music in the Mid 20th Century
CHRIS STRACHWITZ and TOM DIAMANT, Arhoolie Foundation, El Cerrito, California

The Invisibility of Music in the Age of Recording
MARK KATZ, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland

The Gramophone Company in Central Asia: Social History through Discography
WILL PRENTICE, British Library Sound Archive, London, UK

Eugene Ormandy’s Career

Stravinsky, Robert Craft, and Ross Russell’s Dial Records
JERRY YOUNG, Austin, Texas

Toscanini: The Man Behind the Legend
MARK MCKNIGHT, University of Texas, Austin

Rosetta Reitz—Rediscovering Women in Jazz & Blues
AVA LAWRENCE, Northeastern University, Boston
Jimmy Giuffre:

Unsung Avant-garde Jazz Composer and Improviser
PETER JOHNSTON, York University, Toronto, Canada

Naropa University Archive Project: Preserving, Reformatting, and Cataloging 20th Century American Literary Culture
TIM HAWKINS, DEENA WADE, and JOE CONWAY, Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics, Boulder, Colorado

Music on the Radio: Forgotten Roots of the Revival
MATTHEW BARTON, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress

Ben Botkin and Folklore of the Badman
MARY ELLEN DUCEY and PETERSON E. BRINK, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Outlaw Country: Godfather to the Muzik Mafia
NANCY A. JACOBSON, University of Michigan, Detroit

“ Pass the Biscuits, Pappy”—W. Lee O’Daniel or How to Win an Election with No Substance But a Lot of Entertainment Value
CARY GINELL, Origin Jazz Library, Thousand Oaks, California

A Brief Introduction to the Sheldon Harris Blues Collection
GREG JOHNSON, University of Mississippi, University, Mississippi

“ There’s a Rainbow Shining Somewhere”: Homer Rodeheaver and the Birth of the Gospel Recording Industry
DAVID N. LEWIS, All Music Guide, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Plus the final banquet on Saturday night will feature the Kitchen Sisters...ROCK ON!


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