Monday, January 31, 2005

Fun in DOS

One thing I've noticed about both of these internships is how you switch from the micro-level to the macro, and back in an instance.

One minute I'm pondering the big picture of what name-title uniform titles do for a system like OCLC. And the next I'm learning the short cut commands for finding authority records in Passport through a record's OCLC authority record number or the LC Control Number.

There's been a recent thread on MLA-L started by my good friend Eric, who's assistant music cataloger at Florida State University. It related to the use of an 800 for name-title series, with a qualifier for the record label. Something like this:

800 1 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, $d 1756-1791. $t Selections (Sonia Classic (Sound recording label))

I've never seen this before, but according to expert catalogers, this is a way to give further qualification to a recording. Go to the Archives of the MLA listserv and type "duplicate authority" in the subject line to pull up the thread. I just encountered one, days after this was mentioned. Luckily, there's an authority record!


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