Monday, May 09, 2005

Can you hear what I hear...what did you say?

I just found this article. I don't own an IPod, although I have been very tempted lately to buy one. Given the state of radio, and which city I move to, it would be very tempting. But I always thought it was kinda crazy to drown out noise with more noise (even music)--you can't just pile more and more on without some kind of damage to your ears. I need to be careful because of all those summers up at Interlochen ushering for those loud rock and country acts. One case pushed 105 decibels!!!

Plus, whenever I see large groups of people with them on, I can't help think of the musical "Company" (Stephen Sondheim) and the alienating effect of trying to separate yourself from your environs. It is indeed, a city of strangers.

Anywho, the article...

From an article in "Scotland on Sunday":

For all you IPod lovers!

Digital music craze stores up ear trouble for iPod fanatics

Sun 8 May 2005

"Audiologists believe tens of thousands of young people are causing serious damage to themselves, and are likely to suffer tinnitus and loss of hearing in later life. The experts say MP3 players should be designed to prevent people playing music above 90 decibels, about two-thirds of the maximum volume of a typical device."


At Sat May 14, 12:01:00 PM, Blogger bill said...

That's interesting, Thom, but I don't know that the enforced solitude brought on by iPods is any more pervasive than the original Walkman, which brought a lot of the same concerns with it during its poularity. Me, I blame cell phones for everything.


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