Saturday, May 07, 2005

Evaluating the intern

So, I guess I'll keep blogging about audio here.

I got my evaluation from Mike the other day. It was as I thought: that I had put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into it, and that I had learned a lot. Which I did. The area that I felt I needed the most work on--he felt the same. I think being an audiovisual archivist is not just one job, but a hodegpodge of careers: audio engineer, librarian, archivist, preservaion, cataloger, etc. But I do hope to get some more audio production and recording classes under my belt in the next few years. The older formats will be tougher to get to though, until I get an audio archive of my own.

Overall, I felt really good with my experience at the ATM. Mike's a great guy, and I feel that he has a great grasp on the issues surrounding audio archives--and the fact that he can train, a newbie like me, is testament to that (as well as being very patient) :-)

I can't believe that I'm not going to be spending at least part of a week there any more. Before this semester, I worked upstairs in the ATM library (since September 2003) with Suzanne doing cataloging and other library work. I was really lucky to have that gig; and likewise, she was a great teacher. It was really neat to go through the audio training with her. I'll miss my fellow workers downstairs too-Ed, Mike, Ronda, and Gillian. And Daniel, and Marilyn, and Illze, and Patty, and Michelle, and Megan. It was great to work with a group of people that get along so well--a very rare thing!


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